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Divorce Coaching

This service combines cognitive behavioral therapy with education. It is a service provided to the client(s) as they go through the divorce process.

The goal of these sessions is to

Decrease the conflict in the divorce negotiations

Decrease the conflict between the parents

Protect the children from the conflict

Help the parent to have healthy closure and move smoothly into the next phase of their life


"​Compassionate and wonderful with children and parenting advice." -Georgetown, TX

Alienated/Targeted Parent Coach


​Dr. Baker provides coaching to targeted and rejected parents of parental alienation.

The coaching services help the parent understand the parenting skills needed during alienation, the current legal process, as well as provide the parent support to increase their confidence and deal with the grief which accompanies the rejection from the child.  The rejected parent is enduring a grief beyond words and severe insecurity in their identity as a parent, which interferes in logical reasoning and ​decision making skills.

Lawyers will find this service useful in managing the insecurities that plague the rejected parent and result in a multitude of phone calls to the lawyer for support as well as parenting responses that support the alienating parent's accusations.

Navigating the court system and process and preparing for testimony and production of evidence is also unknown territory for these parents.


They can have unrealistic expectations regarding the legal process, which leads to overly emotional testimony

and disappointment in ​ representation.

 I read her report about my situation and she is so thorough and complete. She's amazing! I'm so thankful Dr. Kelley Baker went through all the evidence and saw the lies. Again I'm so thankful.

-Father in 2023

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