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HIGHLY Recommend Dr. Baker. She is thorough and always acts in the best interest of her patients. She is not afraid to make truthful and tough recommendations to ensure safety and well-being of her patients. I recommend her regularly for families needing a Guardian Ad Litem. -Round Rock, TX




She is the most selfless professional I have ever met. She put the interest of my child above everything else. She tried to bring unity and co-parenting and helped my kids get help and work through the worst things I could have imagined them to ever have to go through. She has the most courage and integrity of any professional I have ever met. Thank you and God Bless.




Dr. Baker worked with both of my children and she gave them a safe environment to talk and feel comfortable. They adored her and just liked talking to someone other than mom and not feeling forced. – Dawn, Georgetown, TX




Dr. Baker was professional, efficient, constructive and kept her sole focus on the child/children’s rights and best interest, not any other parties involved. She is dedicated and is not afraid to state the truth or make hard decisions when necessary. -Austin, TX



​I have seen several psychologists regarding the rejection of me by my children. No one really understood what I was talking about until I met Dr. Kelley Baker. She heard what I was talking about and gave excellent advice and guided me in the particular communications that are necessary when your children have been turned against you by the other parent. I could not have had the success with connecting with my children again if it were not for her expertise.- Parent in Austin

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