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Legal Consulting

Expert Subject matter

Testimony is provided on Parental Alienation

The assessment and treatment of Parental Alienation

Conducting Custody Evaluations

Conducting Psycho-social family assessments, such as Guardian ad litem roles

Legal Consultations for questioning mental health professionals

Requesting mental health services for the family

Planning other strategies for managing the case

Consultations for Parents

Understanding treatment options. 

Choosing the best mental health professionals

Understanding evaluation processes

Preparing for court 

Preparing for forensic evaluation

Preparing for contact an alienated child

Maintaining contact with resistant child

Consultation for Therapists

Dr. Baker provides consultation and supervision to therapists working with families in divorce. Consultations may include suggestions for treatment planning, interacting with attorneys, preparing for court testimony, therapeutic techniques, office policies and paperwork, and general support for dealing with high conflict family dynamics. 

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