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I believe that people feel best about themselves when their behavior matches their values and beliefs. I respect the fact that my clients are individuals with unique experiences and needs, and therefore understand that my own belief system is not necessarily shared by my client's.

My goal is to help each person clarify their own goals and find their own path for reaching those goals, drawing on the client's strengths. I believe each person strives for health in the best way that they know and with what they have to work with at the time. Therefore, positive change is viewed as something inherent in the individual, not something I give to the individual. I believe that my clients will experience positive change as they have the experience of unconditional positive regard within the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship.

In regards to clients experiencing divorce- Mental health professionals who work within the family law system are few and far between. Unfortunately, those of us who do it see much more tragedy than beauty-only because the people who divorce well and move on with their lives do not need to go to court and get a counselor or psychologist appointed to help them. Suffice to say, the population of my practice has been somewhat skewed by adults who are not healthy enough to end their relationship without causing severe emotional damage, and by their children who have been psychologically damaged because of them.

I do not believe it has to be this way. I do not believe most parents set out to destroy their children and themselves in the divorce process. Rationalization and defensiveness take over in this time of change. The fear of loss contributes to poor choices and a lack of insight as to how one's choices and actions are hurting themselves and the people they love. To this end, my work is a realistic but optimistic view of divorce. My intention is to speak to an audience who is interested in living life from a higher level of consciousness. I will not make light of the realistic loss and pain that accompanies this transition, but I will not allow the client to remain entrenched in fears that are irrational and will destroy their children. I am interested in helping adults who believe in the unity of all human beings and the ultimate goodness from which we come. The primary objectives aim at teaching the client how to end their marriage in a way that uplifts them personally and spiritually, models appropriate and healthy relationship skills to their children and increases their ability to make psychologically healthy choices for themselves as they move on with their lives.

I have a professional interest in positive psychology and spirituality. I believe that clients’ faith often supports and enhances the work they do in therapy. One faith is not preferred over another and I do not bring spirituality into the counseling work unless the client wants to include it. Many clients begin to expand this area as their search for meaning unfolds during the therapeutic process.

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“ Our psychology is not separate from our soul, and therefore, knowing one requires exploring the other. This is

the process of becoming whole, and without this unity, we are left fragmented, as the unknown and unaccepted

aspects of our consciousness contradict and undermine our efforts for success.”

~Kelley Baker

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